Plugin version: 1.0 Requires at least: WordPress 3.5.0 This WordPress shortcode plugin helps you to add Youtube or Vimeo videos on an HTML link. When that link is clicked then the given video will be opened in a popup modal. How to use it Examples: Youtube [vk-videopopup src=”youtube” id=”EqPtz5qN7HM” text=”Play… Continue Reading Popup for Youtube and Vimeo

When it comes to General Motors, you might say that CEO Mary Barra is ride or die. At 18, she started working for GM as a way to help pay for her college tuition. Her gig, inspecting hoods and fender panels of the Pontiac Grand Prix, turned out to be the first… Continue Reading GM CEO Mary Barra says too many women quit their jobs for the wrong reason

Now that Siri has a dedicated smart speaker to call home, it’s time to assess how Apple’s voice assistant compares to Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant. So, let’s explore the obvious — as well as more nuanced — differences between these voice AIs. By the end of it, we’ll have a better sense of each assistant’s strengths, as well as where they need the most work.

Elon Musk’s Tesla Roadster, which launched on top of SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy on Tuesday, is going farther out into the Solar System than originally planned. The car was supposed to be put on a path around the Sun that would take the vehicle out to the distance of Mars’ orbit. But the rocket carrying the car seems to have overshot that trajectory and has put the Tesla in an orbit that extends beyond the Red Planet’s path. However, the Tesla won’t be making it to the asteroid belt, as SpaceX CEO Elon Musk originally claimed.

I had a client who runs a pizza storefront. He wanted a ‘date & time picker’ option on each listed product, So a potential client can choose a convenient time for their orders. He wants that functionality to be added to the frontend itself. I successfully finished that project and I want to share that code because I think it will help someone.

Personal branding is a process of many steps. Here are some practical tips to make your personal brand your own. You’ve heard of elevator pitches for corporations, and you probably know your company’s by heart. But if someone asked you to sum up your skills, your work and your professional passions, would you be able to tell your personal story in less than a minute?